Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First tweets from Tweet Pals 2 in Quebec City!

Tweet Pals 2 in Quebec City have been practicing their English and the use of Twitter!

Using the comment form below:

  • Tweet Pals 2 can elaborate on the tweets they wrote (in English)
  • Tweet Pals 1 (Montreal) can comment upon the tweets (in English) and can correct the tweets (in French)
  • Twitosphère 1 (Vancouver), Twitosphère 2 (Toronto) and Twitosphère 3 (Saint-Boniface) can comment upon the tweets (in French) and can correct the tweets (in English)

Use of #hashtags

OliBossut Hey, I'm so happy to be on twitter! By the way, this is my first tweet, I'm a new bird!!#sohappy

annesolem Yesterday I was 14, today I'm 15 and 1 day! #the29isnowhere

Annemalachance Did you ever try to make the wave with your brother? I did... #happytodothewave

DjAlexane This morning the street was frozen owing to the rain of yesterday, I fell a couple of time! #stunt

timthomaspicard Do you really want to know what's new, I'm new hope it answer your question twitter... #novice

jayrenaud4m Hey guys I'm there and that will be an awesome project! #awesome

WilliamDuc Hi! If you read this, it is because i'm on twiter and this is my first tweet! #firsttweet

ChristopheVoiD I love to ski but sometimes, the tricks I do like boxes don't end like it was supposed to. #Fail

CassFletcher Did you ever drop all your things in the stairs? I did. #fail .Did you ever drop it AGAIN right after picking it up? I did too . #doublefail

annesolem Today: snowstorm! Result: the school is closed and I'm very happy. #ilovesnowstorm

valerieflam Did you ever get on your horse and fall right after, even if you are normally really good? #fail

Tweets describing a favourite website

OliBossut If you like basket as I do, you should really take a look to the following website; #lovebasketball

Jadecoe I really like this author and you might as well. Here is her official web site : #goodbooks

JeanMicheI If you like rock music, you should take a look at this website : A very interesting francophone band.

MarianneGre Since i'm 7 that I love National Geopraphic pictures and magazines, so if you are like me, take a look!!

TomAudet If you want to follow a sport, whatever it is, go on Rds, you will be able to know everything about this sport!

KaroInMotion I'm a big fan of @simpleplan so I kind of go on this site often , CLICK IT!!! :D

elka_ramirez If you LOVE<3 music as me you have to download itune because it's awesome you discover a lot cool bands! :D

camillebouc Hey everybody ! did you visit my school blog ?? If no, what are you waiting ?

Tweets describing a classmate

Jadecoe You don't know @CassFletcher? Well, you're missing something! Always laughing and joking, she's the girl you want to know!! :P

OliBossut Do you know jayrenaud4m?If not, you should try to because it's so funny to spend time with this guy! I think he is a good guy!#goodfriend

catherinebourg @camillebouc has also a lot of energy, so you never get bored when you're with her. We have some much fun together, I love you Cam <3

catherinebourg Hey, do you know @camillebouc? Well, I do and I can tell you she's a very nice and funny girl. She's very important for me. #friendship

stephvil One of my #bestfriend is @elkanichou because she's always there for me and she's always listening to me, even if I'm not interesting ^^

MaxLeblond Hey guys, do you know @jayrenaud4m ? You should cause he always has some humourous stories to tell !

Marc_A_Verret @JonHarrisson is a great guy,he is never complaining and he is calm(sometimes too much).If you don't know him,you are missing something nice

Annemalachance If you don't know @JoannyCaron, you should. She she seems calm...but she is really funny and she always have something to say ! ;)

WillGauthier Hey do you know @JeanMicheI ? If not I think you should try to know him because he is a funny guy, he has a great sense of humor

valerieflam Hey, #Jadecoe is a good friend. Do you know her? If not, you're missing something. She is kind and cool with everyone. I'm glad to know her.

JoannyCaron @Annemalachance is my little Dairy on 2 feet: We can talk about anything together -Believe me!!

Remember when you write a comment to use the #hashtag to identify yourself and the @username to identify the person whose tweet you are commenting. Thank-you!


  1. #cuckoografik @Annemalachance @annesolem Wonderful hashtags! They are great examples of stream of consciousness thinking because they reveal your secret thoughts. Good job! #happytodothewave #ilovesnowstorm

  2. #cuckoografik @Jadecoe @JeanMicheI @MarianneGre @TomAudet @KaroInMotion @elka_ramirez @camillebouc If your URL takes too much space in your tweet, try shortening your link. This way you can write more characters.

  3. #flofluo @cuckoographfik @Jadecoe @JeanMicheI @MarianneGre @TomAudet @KaroInMotion @elka_ramirez @camillebouc. Here is a link to a website where you can shorten your Url:

  4. #VivianCheung @catherinebourg Hey! "We have some much fun together." should be "We have so much fun together."

  5. #Sophiale @Annemalachance Hey, "she always have something to say", should be "she always has something to say". Most of the time you use "have" when the word is plural, for example "The girls always have something something to say"

  6. #VivianCheung @CassFletcher J'adore les deux hashtags!


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