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The Tweet Pals 2 students in Quebec City + the mini-story!

Tweet Pals 2 in Quebec City have been practicing their English with twitterature: the mini-story in 140 characters! The students were given the task to write a tale, a legend, a true story, an anecdote or a memory, in 5 tweets. The students also tweeted backwards so that their stories could be read in the correct order.

  • Introduction (Who, Where, When) = 1 tweet
  • Development (Initial situation + Adverse event + Denouement) = 3 tweets)
  • Conclusion (How does it end?) = 1 tweet

Using the comment form below:

  • Tweet Pals 2 can elaborate on the tweets they wrote (in English)
  • Tweet Pals 1 (Montreal) can comment upon the tweets (in English) and can correct the tweets (in French)
  • Twitosphère 1 (Vancouver), Twitosphère 2 (Toronto) and Twitosphère 3 (Saint-Boniface) can comment upon the tweets (in French) and can correct the tweets (in English)

The mini-story in 140 characters

JeanMicheI #tale This story is about a little potato living happily with his family in a quiet potato field.
JeanMicheI One day, when the little potato came back from his walk, he just had time to see an old man with a huge vehicle taking all his family.
JeanMicheI The little potato had no reasons to live without his loving family. He followed the traces of the truck and entered in the chips factory.
JeanMicheI The potato succeeded to enter the building.He was about to save his family when a strange man came,took him and threw him on a conveyor belt
JeanMicheI I guess that it is the kind of story that could happen for real. This is sad, but my potato chips are really good.

Keelxoxo #anecdote
Keelxoxo Last Fiday night, four girls, Megan, Emmy and Queen went shopping to the Galerie De La Capitale. They wanted to buy a lot of new clothes.
Keelxoxo In the first store, they bought a lot of clothes but when they were leaving the alarm rang. So, they went back in.
Keelxoxo They were troubled and afraid. The salesman asked them to empty thier purses, so they did it. He looked but, he didn't find anything.
Keelxoxo The salesman discovered that it wasn't the girls but others who ran away. So the friends continued shopping, laughing and having fun.
Keelxoxo They returned home and were happy about their beautiful new clothes and having spent a magnificent day together despite their misfortune.

DjAlexane Few years ago in a little country traditions were important and a little girl named Milane thought she could change the world.
DjAlexane 02 Milane wanted to save wildlife and flora that was already being attacked by the pollution.
DjAlexane 03 Her parents were displeased to see how she considers her future. They forgot real priorities in life that was supposed to be their child.
DjAlexane 04 One day, at her sixteen she leaved house because of all the pressure she was going through at home by her parents especially her father.
DjAlexane 05 But she soon realized that the house missed her. When she came back her parent had never been so happy to see her again.

OliBossut #fruitlife
OliBossut One day, Apple wanted to be clear with the fruits of the kitchen.They made fun f him because of the color he turned into when he saw Banana.
OliBossut Finally,Apple was cut in four parts and eaten by an old granny woman cooking a banana cake she made with the beautiful Banana he loved.
OliBossut He started telling at the annoying orange that he turned red like every normal apple left on the counter,it was not because I saw beauty.
OliBossut After that, he said to kiwi that he was not fat but strong and yes he loved Banana so much.
OliBossut He wanted to kill all the fruits who annoyed him because he hadn't been able to tell Banana that he loved her before she died.
OliBossut Finally,Apple was cut in four parts and eaten by an old granny woman cooking a banana cake she made with the beautiful Banana he loved.

timthomaspicard #Luckyme
timthomaspicard I was slowly walking toward the shcool when I first saw that man. He was wearing black clothes in a sunny day.
timthomaspicard I walked beside him for a long time and suddenly he stopped. He waited for me to lead the way and started to walk again.
timthomaspicard Then I saw my friends in the park. I stayed with them instead of going to shcool. It was the first time I was missing shcool.
timthomaspicard All the morning I felt remorse about missing shcool. We played in the park and I ate my lunch.
timthomaspicard In the afternoon a bunch of police car was parked in front and supposedly a guy wearing black clothes had opened fire earlier in the morning

BondGabBond One day, a little boy wanted to give a little something to the girl he loved.
BondGabBond The problem was that he wanted to be original and unforgettable. So what could he give?
BondGabBond First, he tought about chocolate and flowers... Romantic but not so original.
BondGabBond Then he had an idea. Why not an hamster? He could say that it was as lovely as her... Well, after all it was not very romantic.
BondGabBond After hours of thinking he finally had the best idea ever. The next day, when he saw the girl, he sang a song he created just for her. #luv

WilliamDuc Hello! I come back from my trip to Cuba and something very "strange" happened to me while I was there.#1
WilliamDuc I was with my parents in a taxi with two other couples (one from France and one from Italy) and the guide. We were in the taxi to do a tour.
WilliamDuc Everything was going alright until I saw the car stop. I left the taxi, looked at the tire and noticed that it had an hole in it. OH NO!#3
WilliamDuc The driver took out the spare tire and the jack, took off the broken one. He tried to put on the new but it was too "big".#4
WilliamDuc We had the greatest chance ever. Another taxi driver stopped to help us. He took his jack that was bigger than ours and repaired the car. #5

WillGauthier This story is about a litlle bird called Robie. Robie was a young red and yellow bird, he was well-known by the other birds.
WillGauthier He was well-known because of his rare sickness. In fact, he had only one wing. Because of this he wasn't able to fly like his friends.
WillGauthier One day, Robie met an old creepy pig called Joe. This pig was very special, some other birds said that Joe was a wizzard with super powers.
WillGauthier During their meeting, Joe created a special potion for Robie to help him get two wings like the other.
WillGauthier After their meeting, Robie drank the magical potion and guess what… he got what he wanted the most,a pair of wings. #tales

LaurenceGag It was on March 28th, Roxanne and I took the school bus home. We both live on the same street.
LaurenceGag Around 16: 15, the bus driver picked us up at the school. He dropped others at their bus stop but...
LaurenceGag He did not stop at our own bus stop. He continued to drive to Roxanne's house.
LaurenceGag Finally, I had to walk to my house. Roxanne lives only two or three houses away from my house but for a six year-old girl, this was tragic.
LaurenceGag I told mom : Maybe next time, he won't forget to stop for me. #memory

JonHarrisson This story is about Johnny. Johnny is a 22 year-old guy. He is from Quebec City
JonHarrisson One day, he decided to travel across the Unitded States by car.
JonHarrisson His first stop was New York City. Once there, he parked his car near Central Park and went in a luxurious restaurant.
JonHarrisson When he came back, his car had disappeared. He look for it all over the city and finally found it in a pound in the Bronx.
JonHarrisson He continued his road trip the following day. #roadtrip

TomAudet This story is about one boy, named Jack, who lives in Toronto. He has one brother and they both have the same dream: A trip to Florida
TomAudet One day, the brothers bought two plane tickets for Florida. They got on the plane and took their seats.
TomAudet One hour after the takeoff, the aircraft got caught in a storm. Jack hung to his seat and his brother lost consciousness.
TomAudet The pilots had no choice since they were crashing. They succeeded to make a sea-landing and everyone survived and was rescued.
TomAudet Finally, Jack's brother swore to never take the plane again, which saddened Jack, since he wanted to repeat the experience. #adventure-story

ChristopheVoiD One time, two pandas named Cho and Ang wanted to go to the zoo to make a lot of money and the offer was really interesting
ChristopheVoiD Cho and Ang wanted to go to a zoo but they got influenced by the master of the zoo who wanted them to make the zoo rentable.
ChristopheVoiD The pandas ecape from their cages and beat up their mean masters and start to purchase the two tigers who killed their families.
ChristopheVoiD the two tigers got killed by the two brave pandas Cho and Ang and the panda's left for a great trip to Los Angeles
ChristopheVoiD when they finally got to their destination, they got married and had a lot of kids. #tale

MarianneGre Everything began with Robert, the racoon, who was walking everyday under a wonderful hedge.
MarianneGre He did not have a house but one day, as he was sleeping under the hedge he thought that he should look for a place to live.
MarianneGre He went to a house but it was too noisy. Later he walked in a forest but it was too dark. Every place that he visited wasn't good enough.
MarianneGre He returned under the hedge and he realized that the hedge was the place where he wanted to live.
MarianneGre He built his house under the hedge and he lived under it happily ever after with his big family.
MarianneGre #storybeforegoingtobed

MaxLeblond In the year of 2201, in the galaxy of Liberty, a hero was born and his name was John Smith.
MaxLeblond A galactic war was on, the humanity was exterminated by the Benzilians and he was the only one who could save it.
MaxLeblond When he got older, he became the supreme commander of the Humanity Alliance.
MaxLeblond The final battle was on, but Humanity was losing ground.
MaxLeblond Hopefully the other races of the galaxy helped it and they defeated the Benzilians. The hole galaxy was now unified. # Future Addict

stephvil I was 10 years old when this happened. I was with the rest of the class and we were playing a game organized by the teachers.
stephvil Younger students from another class were playing with us. We were in teams of two and the game was a race against the time.
stephvil I was pretty competitive, even for a little game just for fun. I wanted to pee, but I couldn't because if I'd do, I would lose.
stephvil Because of the time it would take, I didn't go. But the need to pee was too urgent; I just did it in front of the class.
stephvil Finally I was humiliated and embarrassed. Now I can laugh about this, but at that time I wasn't able. All this only for a game... #Anecdote

Elka_R I was on vacation with my father's family in a cottage on the waterfront in Saint-Simeon, Charlevoix
Elka_R It was a hot summer, so my two sisters, a friend and I decided to go on the lake with the pedalo.
Elka_R Suddenly, we heard a creaking sound from the pedalo's hull and instantly, we started to sink. We all beagn to panic.
Elka_R My oldest sister took a life buoy to go find help but she lost it and came back to the pedalo. We were in danger but nobody came to save us.
Elka_R Finally, my sister found a whistle and my father heard us. He towed the pedalo to the speed boat. Believe me; I'll never touch a boat again!

Marc_A_Verret #warning
Marc_A_Verret Yesterday, my father and I were in the living room, when something weird happened!
Marc_A_Verret We were both watching T.V. and my mother was downstairs at the computer. It was 9 P.M. and my favourite show was beginning!
Marc_A_Verret Suddenly, we all heard a BAM! My mother came up the stairs and said that her computer had crashed. That's about when the T.V. shut down.
Marc_A_Verret A few minutes later,the T.V. was on again and there was a message at the bottom of it"Technologies are controlling humans,not the opposite!"
Marc_A_Verret We were all shocked and we didn't know what to think about what just happened.Maybe it was just a coincidence,but it seemed to be a warning.

Annabbest Once upon a time, in a jungle, Georgia the gorilla was going to have breakfast with Lizzy the grizzly and Raph the giraffe.
Annabbest Each was supposed to bring one dish. Georgia was in charge of the bananas.
Annabbest Georgia wanted really fresh bananas, so she woke up early, that morning, to pick her bananas from the banana tree.
Annabbest Unfortunately, the tree was too high, she couldn’t reach the bananas. She tried to climb on the tree trunk, but she fell.
Annabbest Suddenly,Raph the giraffe came near the tree and accidently made the bananas fall. Georgia got her bananas and the breakfast was a success.

Emile_Fortier Yesterday, I was at the physiotherapist. I had a problem with my knee. So I waited there.
Emile_Fortier The physiotherapist arrived and asked me questions about my health. Everything was O.K. I sat.
Emile_Fortier Suddenly, she moved my knee cap and we heard a big 'Scrunch'. My father and I were surprised. I thought my knee was dislocated.
Emile_Fortier After, I felt a huge pain in my right knee.I asked if it was normal, but I knew it was not.I put ice on it.What if I never could walk again?
Emile_Fortier Finally, I left and the pain stopped overnight. The next morning everything was fine. One thing is sure; I'll never go there again.#ascare

VaDeschenes A little boy named William was living in a small town. He was very happy and he had a lot of friends.
VaDeschenes William was 10 years old when he moved to another city. He was obliged to do so, because his dad wanted to have a better paying job.
VaDeschenes He was very sad, because there he didn't have friends. Nobody was talking to him and William was to shy to play with new people.
VaDeschenes His mother wanted to see William smile again, so she bought him a dog. William was veryhappy, because now he had at least one friend.
VaDeschenes Finally, William wasn't sad anymore. Some people talked to him and then he made new friend. His mother was glad to see her son having fun.

valerieflam 1/5 One day, Amy came back from school and ran to see her pony named Nugget. She always wanted one and she finally did. #bedtimestory
valerieflam 2/5 When she arrived, Nugget was not in his paddock. Instead, she found a ransom letter asking for money if she wanted to see him again.
valerieflam 3/5 So, she went to put the money in the park where she had to and ran to hide, waiting to see the criminal.
valerieflam 4/5 Minutes later, a boy took the money and left. Amy followed him and found where he was hiding Nugget. Kevin explained why he did this.
valerieflam 5/5 Kevin told her that he stole Nugget because he didn't have any money to buy his own pony. Amy forgave him and they became friends.

annesolem When I was young, my grandpa used to tell me stories.My favourite one was "Katie and her dog".Let me tell it to you.
annesolem For her 10th birthday, Katie's mom bought her a puppy.She named it Ben.They immediately became best friends and they were always together.
annesolem 20 years later,Ben and Katie were still best friends.But one day, while driving home,Katie had a car accident and she died.
annesolem The same day,Katie's husband found Ben dead in his cage at the end of the day.They found out that he had died exactly at the time Katie died
annesolem Some experts say that their friendship was so strong that their souls were bound together, so that's why they died at the same time.
annesolem #urbanlegend

camillebouc Josua... Is it a name that you know? If no, you will< He was a brave boy. He lived in Montreal but he didn't had his own home
camillebouc Josua had a difficult childhood, his mother was alcoholic and his father was often absent, so he did everything alone
camillebouc One day, his mother had a car accident and she died. From the day on, he became delinquant; he stole... And his father wasn't there for him
camillebouc This part of his life was very dark until he met a gril like him. They helped each other and she brought Josua back on the right path
camillebouc Finaly, Josua fell in love with her and she was the only one, he could trust. And it was also the same thing for her #lovestory

JoannyCaron Once upon a time, in the city of Quebec, a teenage girl nammed Jana, who has always been secretley in love with the boy of her dreams, Mark.
JoannyCaron One day, when she was in class, she received a text message from an anonymous person who asked her to meet him on the roof of the school...
JoannyCaron A little bit frightened Jana didn't know how to react, every thoughts of her day were about this text message...
JoannyCaron When the bell rang, Jana went upstairs and when she got on the roof, Mark was there, a rose in his hand, he was waiting for her...
JoannyCaron Since then, Jana and Mark are still together and in love. #lovestory

CassFletcher Russel was a lonely and abandoned dog. He wish he could have a warm home during this cold winter. Unfortunately, nobody wanted the poor dog.
One day, Russel met Elsa, a little girl who was living at the corner of Main Street. They immediately became very good friends.
After a while,Russel and Elsa were inseparable.Elsa's mother did not like that her daughter was spending that much time with this stray dog.
CassFletcher Elsa asked her mother if Russel could join the family, but she refused. Elsa was so sad that she cried until her mother changed her mind.
CassFletcher Finally, Russel was not a stray dog anymore. Even Elsa's mother enjoyed Russel's company. #puppystory

jayrenaud4m Once upon a time there was an old lady who lived far from the city. She had no friend ans everybody thought that she was a witch.
jayrenaud4m A day a mysterious man approached the lady and asked her where she was going. The lady answered that she was taking a walk in the forest.
jayrenaud4m The man forced her to come to his house. Once there the man bounded the lady to a chair and beat her up.
jayrenaud4m The rumour that she was a witch was not totally false. The woman started to recite an incantation to make the evil man disappear.
jayrenaud4m The incantation worked and the stranger never came back. Finally the old lady live alone and happy for the rest of her life. #legend

catherinebourg Sara, a 10 year-old girl, has a dog named Bora. It's her bestfriend, she's always with her new pet. She lives in a small town. #Bora's story
catherinebourg On a sunny day, Sara goes for a walk with her beautiful dog. Her mom doesn't want her to go outside alone, but Sara doesn't listen to her.
catherinebourg While she's walking in the park near a forest, the dog starts running and the girl drops the leach. Bora goes in the forest. Sara lost it.
catherinebourg Sara tells her mom what happened in the park. Together, they search for Bora for three hours. They finally find the dog stuck under a tree.
catherinebourg Now, Sara always listens to her mom and goes outside with someone older than her. Her mom also bought a new leach.

Annemalachance There was a little bird named Cheez, and nobody was taking care of him. Cheez was sad because he didn't have friends. #story
Annemalachance One day, he decided to leave his country and travel around the world. The day after, he packed his luggages, but her mother stopped him.
Annemalachance Anne-Marie L He discussed with his mother and she finally accepted.Cheez was so happy that he left immediately. He went first in Spain and he met a bird.
Annemalachance Anne-Marie L This bird was named Squeez and it was a girl. So they traveled together a long time and they were really happy.
Annemalachance Anne-Marie L Finally, Cheez and Squeez got married in South Africa. They created there house together and had a lot of children.

KaroInMotion One day, a squirrel, called Jack, was walking in the street.
KaroInMotion He wanted to eat something for supper.
KaroInMotion He looked in the garbage, but there were nothing to eat. He also looked in a tree, but there were no food for him.
KaroInMotion Jack was on his way, discourage and hungry. Suddenly, he found a bag of peanut in the street!
KaroInMotion Finallly, the squittel went back home with his supper, happy ! #childrenstory

Jadecoe This story takes place in a country far from here. At the time of candles, horses... and magic. A little boy, named Will, lived there. #tale
Jadecoe One day, Will was playing with his dog near the woods. He was not allowed to go in since his mom believed evil creatures lived there. #tale
Jadecoe Will often threw a stick to Rex and the dog always brought it back to him. So when Will threw it in the woods, the dog ran into it.
Jadecoe Will yelled his dog's name, but it never came back. Distressed, Will told himself that a superstition should not stop him from entering it.
Jadecoe Will was scared, but he did not give up. Finally, he caught sight of his dog playing with a winged beast. The three of them became friends.

audreebadkid Do you know the story, in 2001, about the little mouse Ted? If not you will know it after this. #tale
audreebadkid On a sunny day during the summer, Ted was playing soccer with his friend.
audreebadkid Jorkey, his firend, kicked the ball across the street and for that reason they were not able to continue the game.
audreebadkid But Ted was really sad to stop the game and he decided to go across the street, but he didn't see the car...
audreebadkid In conclusion, you need to look right and left before crossing the street.

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