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The Tweet Pals 2 students in Quebec City + minuscule writing!

Tweet Pals 2 in Quebec City have been practicing their English with twitterature: Summary or minuscule writing!

Using the comment form below:

  • Tweet Pals 2 can elaborate on the tweets they wrote (in English)
  • Tweet Pals 1 (Montreal) can comment upon the tweets (in English) and can correct the tweets (in French)
  • Twitosphère 1 (Vancouver), Twitosphère 2 (Toronto) and Twitosphère 3 (Saint-Boniface) can comment upon the tweets (in French) and can correct the tweets (in English)

Summary or minuscule writing

VaDeschenes " Le chien du Doctor Chenevert " is a excellent novel written by Diane Bergeron and it is very scary. [corrected]
VaDeschenes ``Le chien du docteur Chenevert`` is a very good novel written by Diane Bergeron. This book is very scary and anxious.
VaDeschenes Annie went to the cemetery and met Doctor Chenevert. The doctor kidnaped her, but Steve, the inspector, found Annie safe and alive. [corrected]
VaDeschenes Annie went in the cemetery and she met the doctor Chenevert. The doctor kidnaped her, but Steve (the inspector) found Annie safe and alive.
VaDeschenes Steve went back to the cemetery and Chenevert wanted to make a deal with him. The deal was to exchange Annie against an antidote. [corrected]
VaDeschenes Steve went back at the cemetery and Chenevert wanted to do a deal with him. The deal was to exchange Annie with an antidote.
VaDeschenes Annie didn't want to do it the she and Steve came back to the cemetery, but they had a car accident ad Annie was kidaped again. [corrected]
VaDeschenes Annie didn't want to do it, then Steve and Annie came back at the cemetery, but they had a car accident and Annie has been abducted again.
VaDeschenes When Steve learnt that Anne had been kidnaped once more, he tried to find her. He finally traced Annie and killed Doctor Chenevert. [corrected]
VaDeschenes When Steve learnt that Annie has been kidnaped once more, he tried to find her. He fianlly traced Annie and killed the bad doctor Chenevert.

BondGabBond I recently read a book in my French class that was really interesting: The Diary of Anne Frank. [corrected]
BondGabBond I recently read a book in my French class really interesting: The Diary of Anne Frank.
BondGabBond This is the diary of a Jewish girl, who, during the 2nd Worl War, had to hide herself from the Nazi. [corrected]
BondGabBond This is the story of a Jewish girl during 2nd World War who must hide herself from Nazi authorities.
BondGabBond The book was written by Anne Frank while she was hiding. [corrected]
BondGabBond The book was written by Anne Frank while she was hidding herself.
BondGabBond She describes really well the way she feels about war until she was sent to a Jewish camp where she was killed. [corrected]
BondGabBond She describes really well the way she feels about war until she was send in a Jewish camp.
BondGabBond I think she would be really proud of her book if she were still alive...

jayrenaud4m Today, I will talk to you about one of my favourite book : Will Ghundee. [corrected]
jayrenaud4m Today I will talk you about a book i've just done to read. Its called Will Ghundee
jayrenaud4m The story takes place in a far country named Mont-bleu. One day Will was walking in the forest and accidently dell into a parallel world. [corrected]
jayrenaud4m The story take place in an unknown country named Mont-bleu. A day when Will was in the forest he acciendtly fall into a parralel world
jayrenaud4m In this world, he will meets a fantastic creature that helps him to get out of this unknow country.
jayrenaud4m I very liked this bool because it’s totally the kind of book that I like : surrealistic. [corrected]
jayrenaud4m I like this book a lot because its totally the kind of novel that I like, fantastic and surrealist.
jayrenaud4m I recommend this novel to everyone who likes fabulous stories. [corrected]
jayrenaud4m For those who like this kind of book, I recomend it because they will find what they want this novel.

JoannyCaron Beautiful Creatures/16 Lunes is written by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl. This is such a good book to read during summer time! #Loveit
JoannyCaron Lena is not a normal girl and the only person who knows her secret is Ethan.Together they will have to fight againts the ''Dark Magic''
JoannyCaron I suggest this book to anyone who loves to read stories that bring them in a world of magic and mystery.
JoannyCaron Some Loves Are Meant to Be... Others Are Cursed. #BeautifulCreatures #16Lunes

JonHarrisson The book American cars is talking about the car's history, the big designer and how a car is working.
JonHarrisson This book is made for people who loves cars. This book contain some pictures of the best American cars.
JonHarrisson In the book, they explained how the engine works. It is interesting to understand these useful machines.
JonHarrisson There is also pictures of racing cars and racetrack. I learn that thiefs were racing between them and it is how nascar is borned

WillGauthier I read an article on TSN about the series of the Chicago Blackhawks vs the Vancouver Canucks
WillGauthier The Canucks took the command of the series 3-0, Blackhawks had the chance to win the game #3 with 7 power plays but Luongo did key saves
WillGauthier The headcoach of the Blackhawks Joel Quenneville said that the referee took bad descisions during the game #3
WillGauthier The Canucks would probably finish the series without the help of Raffi Torres because he hits Brent Seebrook from behind
WillGauthier Next game is on Tuesday and it would be probably the last one for the Blackhawks

JeanMicheI Recently, I've read an excellent novel called 5150 rue des Ormes. This novel was written by Patrick Sénécal, a really good Qubebec author.
JeanMicheI Yannick Bérubé is being hold prisoner by a strange family. The father strongly believes in justice and he commits murders on behalf of it.
JeanMicheI He also loves playing chess, he never lost a game. He always uses the white pieces because he thinks white represents justice and good.
JeanMicheI Yannick has only one option to leave this house : win against Beaulieu in a chess game.
JeanMicheI 5150 rue des Ormes is one of my favorite novel. It is fun to read and it makes the reader think about different issues.

Keelxoxo Pretty Little Liars is an interesting collection. It is the story of 5 friends. Their names are Emily, Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Ali.
Keelxoxo Ali is missing and some years after her body is found. Her friend try to discover who killed Ali and what happened.
Keelxoxo They are also threatened by a mysterious person who is calling its-self "A". They are very afraid and they try to escape of this situation.
Keelxoxo But, nothing works and it gets worst. One of the 4 girls is even hitten by a car by "A". There is a lot of action, mystery, glamour, ect.
Keelxoxo I let you discover the end when you read it. I hope that you will love it like I did. Enjoy reading!

Annemalachance The book I want to talk to you about is « Le journal d’Aurélie Laflamme». It’s about a girl who thinks she’s not like the others.
Annemalachance At the beginning, she thinks she will never fall in love but she meets a boy named Nicolas.
Annemalachance Her best friend, Katryne, meets a boy also and she only thinks about that. A lot of other things happen during this time.
Annemalachance Her mother, who is habitually a real zombie, «live again» and Aurélie thinks it’s because she’s in love with her principal.
Annemalachance Everything happens at the same time. Does her mother is really dating with her principal? She will try to figure it out…

camillebouc The book title is "Le coeur perdue d'Élizabeth".
camillebouc The mais story is about a girl named Elizabeth, who wanted only one thing; become Nico's girlfriend.
camillebouc One day, she met him at a park and they started dating. They were so much in love but nonetheless Nico decided date someone else.
camillebouc Elizabeth was so shaken that she jumped on the first guy she met. He wasn't a good boyfriend for her, he was older than her...
camillebouc Her new boyfriend and a boy that she didn't know invited her to a party but during the party they raped her.
camillebouc After this event, she shut herself away from the worldfor several months. Finally she met another boy who she could really trust.

CassFletcher I recently read '' Je sais que vous mentez! '' by Paul Ekman.
CassFletcher Paul Ekman's book inspired the T.V. show '' Lie to me. ''
CassFletcher This book explains how you can know if someone is lying to you.
CassFletcher This lying analyzing is used by the FBI and the CIA.
CassFletcher If you like non-fiction novels, you really should read this one !

Jadecoe You might have heard about the Vampire Diaries. It is a TV show, but it is based on a novel. I read it and I found it great! #summary
Jadecoe The main character is Elena. She is an orphan and lives with her three-year-old sister at her aunt’s place. She is very popular at school.
Jadecoe She comes back to school after summer. She sees Stephan Salvatore and falls in love with him. Later on, she finds out he is a vampire.
Jadecoe Stephan only drinks animal’s blood, but he has an evil brother named Damon. Damon is more powerful than Stephan, because of the human blood.
Jadecoe Strange things happen in town. Is it because of Damon, or is there another evil creature nearby? Elena will have to figure it out, and fast.

audreebadkid I want to talk to you about a novel called “Le Cheval du Nord”.
audreebadkid The author of this story is Marjolaine Bouchard. This book is interesting because it’s a legend from the Saquenay.
audreebadkid This novel talks about the life of Alexis Lapointe, a young man who ran very fast and who wanted the love of his father.
audreebadkid I recommend this book for anyone who likes legends or a real novelist’s story.
audreebadkid Do you know the story, in 2001, about the little mouse Ted? If not you will know it after this. #tale

valerieflam 1/5 The Puppy Problem is the story of Nancy Drew, an eight year-old girl who liked to resolve mysteries and who just got a puppy.
valerieflam 2/5 The day that the dog arrived, some muffins suddenly disappeared. The housekeeper accused the puppy of this crime.
valerieflam 3/5 Nancy and her friends Bess and George decided to resolve this mystery. They found the criminal's shoelace as a clue.
valerieflam 4/5 After an investigation and more stolen food, the girls found three suspects: Ralph Caruso, Sam McCorry and Kenny Bruder.
valerieflam 5/5 Who in the three suspects is the food stealer? If you want to discover it, you should read The Puppy Problem.

annesolem The book “ Un si bel enfer” is about six teenagers that are in a coma. They all have the same disease but no one knows what it is.
annesolem The main character, Joël, sees some of her friends get this disease. Meanwhile, a stranger arrives at her school.
annesolem Joëlle thinks there is a link between the strange coming to her school and the disease.
annesolem It is a very good book and I recommend it to anyone who likes detective novels.

Elka_R I chose a book for girls titled The Au Pairs by Melissa De La Cruz. It was really good and I read all the series so I hope you'll enjoy!
Elka_R The story is about three girls who accepted a job as au pair in the Hamptons for the summer. They don't know each other.
Elka_R Eliza, the rich girl and Jacqui, the brazilian beauty quickly become friends, but they're a bit putting away Mara, the suburban girl.
Elka_R During the summer, the three girls become BFF's. They have to keep an eye on the Perry's children, but at night they're going in nightclubs.
Elka_R I promise you this book is full of sun, of love and of friendship. If you like teen books like me, I'm sure The Au Pairs if for you!

DjAlexane This year I red a book called Breathless. They call it a fast reader because it was not too long. 01
DjAlexane It's the story of a girl who went to see her uncle all summer long. 02
DjAlexane She met a good looking guy at her scuba diving uncle's shop. 03
DjAlexane A sort of accident happened between the two and she didn't forgive him for that. 04
DjAlexane The handsome male finally fall in love with the girl but it's to late to forget the past. 05

MarianneGre The books that I want to talk to you about are in the serie « Les chevaliers d'emeraude»
MarianneGre It's the story of some knights with magic powers who will fight against the black emperor to save their world.
MarianneGre The ennemies want the control of the country and also take the emperor's daughter who's protect by the knights.
MarianneGre All allong this serie of books all the characters go through hard times and try to make the best of them self.
MarianneGre There's always a lot of action in each of the 12 books. I recommend them to everyone.

Emile_Fortier I read and article in 'Hockey le magazine'.It was about the Tampa Bay Lightening.They were talking about the fantastic comeback of this team
Emile_Fortier They talked about their last season that was horrible. Their captain was in difficulty and we haerd a lot of rumors concerning an exchange.
Emile_Fortier Second, they talked about the Montreal Canadien who was interested in Vincent Lecavalier. Unfortunately, the exchange never happened
Emile_Fortier Third, they talk about the new coach; Guy Boucher. He changed all the team, the playsers and the strategies. He was born in Quebec city.
Emile_Fortier They concluded nicely and said that the lightening was now a good team and they could win the Stanley Cup.

catherinebourg The Last Song novel written by Nicholas Sparks is very interesting to read because the story is original and filled with emotion.#Lovestory
catherinebourg The morals of this story are to forgive people who make mistakes and that the family is very important. #Iagree
catherinebourg I suggest you to read this book even if you saw the movie because we understand more the feelings of the characters when we read it.
catherinebourg The more important character is Ronnie. She spent the summer with her dying father and she fell in love with Will.

ChristopheVoiD I read a story call:La chambre des ombres glacées. It's about a 13 year-old boy who finds some weird carvings in his grand-father's tool box
ChristopheVoiD Those carvings were in a scelled enveloppe. There were really machiavelic and dark images.
ChristopheVoiD The carvings have powers. They take the young boy and his friends into a magic but satanic world
ChristopheVoiD They are tortured and all messed up in this world. They are finally able to leave this world.
ChristopheVoiD When they finally get back home, they put the carvings in the garbage and they do not have problems anymore.

stephvil I'll talk to you about a book I find excellent; Avalon High. The author of this story is Meg Cabot, who also wrote the Princess Diaries.
stephvil First, you think it's a common story; a girl, Allie, who arrives in a new school and who falls in love with the football team's captain.
stephvil It sounds like a cliché, but it is not what you're thinking about it. It's a story about the reincarnation of the King Arthur and his court.
stephvil In fact, Will, the football player, is King Arthur and his friend, his girlfriend and his brother are the legendary story's other character.
stephvil In the legend, he and Allie are not supposed to be together, but they fall in love anyway. It's a great, surprising and romantic book!

OliBossut Lately,I read a great novel,its title is Anne Frank's diary.When I read this book,it was in french but I'm sure it can be found in english.
OliBossut This story takes place during the second World War.It's all about Anne and her family who must hide from the Nazis because they are jews.
OliBossut They hide in the warehouse of Anne's father as only a few people are informed of this secret hiding spot.
OliBossut Lots of things happen during these years of hiding;break ins,people looking for them,etc.Will they succeed or will they get in trouble.
OliBossut I suggest you this book and I had lots of fun reading it.First,it's well written and more,it explains great historical facts.#thisbookiscool

timthomaspicard I've just finished a book. It's talking about an actuel subject the African plantation workers. It's named Mamadou and the iron's secret.
timthomaspicard The story is about Mamadou a young African who needs to leave his family to study in a koranic shcool.
timthomaspicard But he quickly realizes that the supposed shcool is a trap. It belong to a strange man who sells him.
timthomaspicard Mamadou land on a cocoa plantation and become a slave. Will he escape or will he simply survive?
timthomaspicard Read this wonderful book and lift the veil on Mamadou's mystery I hope you'll enjoy it

LaurenceGag Book: The Vampire Diaries Tome 1
LaurenceGag I finished reading a novel called The Vampire Diaries . It's about a girl named Elena Gilbert, she thinks she's the queen of her school.
LaurenceGag The Vampire Diaries is about Elena who after the death of her parents, will live with her aunt Judith and her little sister Margaret.
LaurenceGag But she'll meet a italian boy named Stefan Salvatore. She will try to seduce him but Caroline will conspire with Tyler to humiliate Elena.
LaurenceGag While she was with Bonnie to try a magic trick, Elena's diary was taken. Will Elena find her diary? and Will Elena succeed to seduce Stefan?
LaurenceGag You should read it because it's a romantic and dramatic story. If you read it, I hope you enjoy it.

TomAudet Amos Daragon, le masque de l'Éther it the 11th book of the series Amos Daragon from the author Bryan Perro.
TomAudet Amos has to find the last of the five masks, that is to say the one of ether, the hardest to acquire.
TomAudet In this story, he has been transformed in stone and he has to find a way to come back normal.
TomAudet His friends will try to help him in this adventure, but a lot of problems happened. Will they succeed?

Marc_A_Verret I recently read an article in the PGA Tour magazine.It was about a golf championship in Montreal on July 2010 at Le Fontainbleau Golf Club.
Marc_A_Verret The competition has featured 78 players. The total purse was $1.8 million and the first place was $270 000. #PGATOUR
Marc_A_Verret The Champions Tour President, Mike Stevens declared to the press that it was important to be present in Canada. #PGATOUR
Marc_A_Verret Le Fontainebleau Golf Club was designed by Graham Cook and Darrell Huxham. #PGATOUR
Marc_A_Verret The last three holes are very difficult because they are around a large lake. It adds a risky element to the competition! #PGATOUR

Annabbest I recently read a really great novel called Twilight. As the movie, Twilight is an incredible romantic story between a vampire and a human.
Annabbest Twilight is a novel written by Stephenie Meyer. Twilight is followed by New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.
Annabbest Twilight has been the number five of the New York Time Best Seller, the novel was also the best seller of 2008 with 17 million copies sold.
Annabbest Even if you have seen the movie, I suggest you to read the book because there’s a lot of scenes that are not showed in the movie.
Annabbest Stephenie Meyer also wrote The Host, Prom Nights from Hell, Summer House and others. All her books look awesome.#Twilight

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